Bob & Sheila Everhart
Smithsonian Institution Recording Artists

Welcome to the Music of Rural America - Bob & Sheila Everhart, recording artists for the Smithsonian Institution

Bob Everhart was born on a poor share-cropper farm in the great plains and prairie lands of Nebraska.  Sheila's heritage goes all the way back to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  Together they have combined their love for America's 'real' rural music by recording no less than six award winning albums for the Smithsonian Institution and additional six top sellers for Prairie Music Records. These world-wide travelers impart the wisdom, the music, and the honesty of America's rural folks.  The Everharts have two brand new shows they have created for the Smithsonian Institution.  A

'Traveling Museum of Music' concert and a 'Smithsonian Remembers' concert. Please see their Bio selection for more details.

Leaders in the quest to 'save' America's rural music, as it was originally performed and recorded by 'real' rural artists. Working through the Smithsonian Institution the couple have significant programs for fans of all ages. Leave a message for them on the 'contact' page, or telephone them at 712-762-4363 or e-mail them at